Wednesday, March 24, 2010


1. How old were you when your first child was born?
~ i was 24.7 y.o

2. What month and year was your youngest child born?
~ the youngest, Ikram born on 1oth March 2005

3. How did you feel when you first found out you were pregnant?
~my husband was the one who told me i was pregnant bcoz he had the morning sickness...n we had the urine test...positive ... of course happy bcoz my baby will be sharing the same chinese lunar year....the goat
and i want to see whether she will have the same characters like mine or the other way round

4. Who did you tell first?
~my SIL ntah i don't know why i informed her...but i did called her n told bout the baby

5. How many pounds/kg did you gain during your first pregnancy?
~cannot remember..later i'll checked my BUKU MERAH...musti de rekod was 74.5 kg on the 4th Sept 2003 so maknanye i gained weight for 24.5 kg..after gave birth n after confinement 55 kg is the number....

6. What did you crave while you were pregnant?
~all foods based from the ROTI PISANG, KASUI, SERI MUKA and so on in fact most of the foods i made them by myself e/though i never learn how to do it b4

7. Did you find out the gender of your first child? Why or why not?
~ha ha ha...i went for a scan session when i was 4 months pregnant n it showed a boy... but after a few wks i'v read from the tenet, it can be a girl...but i did grabbed a pink cloth for my baby out so many blue ... n here the gegirl

8. Did you have any complications during your pregnancy?
~no morning sickness, EXCEPT i had sleepless nights (hu hu hu sgt sedih sbb the next day nk g kuliah takut ngantuk), i don't like fans i'm shivering even in daylight,
i was hospitalized for 2 nights @ Hospital Kajang when i was nearly 7 months of pregnancy (I had contraction but when i went to a bidan she said baby terselit)

9. How much did your first child weigh?
~3.o8 kg

10. Was your first child early, late, or on time?
~it was due date was 30th August 2003 but she was born on the 7th September 2003

11. What is the most difficult challenge or health issue that any of your children have faced?
~alhamdulillah, health issue belum ada... the difficult challenge that i must face every day now is she always wake up late.... even the schooling days hu hu hu sungguh mencabar tahap kesabaran ku

12. What's your favorite part of being a mom?
~jadi TARZAN..he he he no lah... having a daughter ... she is like my best friend, she will comment my cooking, my dressing n my WEIGHT... having a son, he is my bodyguard n always try his best to accompany me whenever i'm alone

13. Do you think it's easier to be a mom or a dad?
~DAD of course...bcoz all the way my marriage life, i'm always with the children, dolu dok sebumbung (sbb tgh blajo lg kan) tp dia selalu outstation, now i'm posted to Kuala Pilah dia pulak kene transfer ke Tg Malim

14. What is the best piece of advice you could give to someone who is about to have their first child?
~makan makanan yg berzat, jauhi minuman bergas,
jaga EMOSI, sembahyang n berdoa jgn lupa, bile mandi isap sikit air kt ujung rambut (katanye senang nk bersalin) ikut nasihat doktor n org2 tua (yg mana u rasa baik le), jauhi rokok (even ur spouse perokok tegar), BERPANTANG SGT PENTING (nnt GEBU mcm kite - baru tau)

15. Did you always think you'd have kids?
~selalu berangan nk ank dr dolu hingga kini

16. What's been the biggest surprise about motherhood?
~SACRIFICING...a lot of things need to be scrificed, time, money, sleeplees nights when baby is not feeling well

17. Are there things you miss about life before kids?
~zaman hu ha hu if i want to go anywhere i'll bring up the children, i know some people didn't like me to bring my children i better don't go to this kind of places

18. How many children do you have?
~2 my own n i hv another 2 stepsons

19. Do you plan to have any more children?
~it depends....

20. Who's the mom that you admire most?
~my ibu...she managed to handle 5 of us n she is wonderful bcoz i myself could read newspapers at the age of 4 y.o, n everytime i had so much h/works during primary school days she will accompanied me always...without fail, i never heard she grumbled about anything...her cooking the best in the world....oooooo i miss her

And I would like to tag my frens.. a mommy :
ayu hussien (my cousin's wife)
zelia hezlin (tu pun klu ko blm kene tag yg ni)
mimie hamdan (akk yg sgt busy dgn biz cupcakes nye..hrp sudi jawab tag ye)
mama azlina (dia rajin gak berblogging sejak akhir2 ni)
cthajar.79 INTANKU TERPILIH (my best friend when i was in secondary school)
bai @ arbaieyah alias (my exschoolmate...1 sekolah sejak drjah 1 lagi)