Wednesday, March 31, 2010

PDT last day

moh layan gambo ank2 murid ku di hari terakhir mereka di KMNS sbg
student Program Dua Tahun (PDT)

tgh jwp last paper...paper DF 024 (FIZIK)

tgk muka diorg bile kua dewan...

xde muke sedih pun nk tinggalkan KMNS

me with the students

nk tunjuk kt diorg kain yg diorg hadiahkan ari tu kite dh selamat buat baju....


ni POT LUCK ari jumaat lepas (26.3.2010)

ni mknn kite...
nasi briyani malbari style (1st time dengo n mkn), kambing masak kicap betawi, terung lawa (1st time dengo n mkn), tempoyak daun kayu n kerabu mangga (kalah The Chicken Rice Shop)

best giler
tp xble nk mkn sgt sbb
ati xtenang...gembira
sebb nk g jumpa parents
(tu tabiat kite...klu ade hepi occasion mmg mkn xlalu nye)

meh tgk mknn yg ade...

Ms Cheah (tgh prepare 'sampan kukus'....STEAMBOAT)

mira (with spek) n laila with the DESSERT...

mcm2 ade..kite saje jek focus tu the table
ade puding roti, kek dr SR, vegetarian kek, puding karamel, karipap, kuih koci, puding cocktail, kek coklat (from me - guna resepi dr kwn blog kite....)

terung lawa n sambal tumis petai

menjamu selera

ni bukan dr unit kite jek
ade gak Unit Pendidikan Islam/Moral n Unit Dinamika Kemahiran
mkn smpai kekenyangan

My weekend with hubby

i like to call it ... weekend with hubby
bcoz we seldom see each other only during WEEKEND
n yes,
we do need to spend some time together
to cherish our marriage life

these are some pictures
that we took together over the weekend

a very long weekend
walhal dh siap masuk weekdays sbb hubby MC 3 ari

ni kt Dewan SITC @ UPSI

ni dlm bas semlm on our way g KL
(tobat lepas nih xmo naik bas lg g KL, mahal nk M****S)

ni kt Petrosains
bwk ank2 g sini

Bile omak2 org berjumpe...

ni cite psl ari sabtu 27.3.2010
kite jumpa zel n of course...KALEP
kt SR Tg Malim

mcm tajuk n3 tu
bile omak2 org berjumpe...
mcm2 cite kua
kami berdua dh xde nk segan silu
dok terjerit kt ank2
omak2 bz nk berborak
ank2 plak buat hal
klu le SR tu runtuh dek kerana sore kami berdua
harus masuk paper muka depan

moh layan gambo...

sblm blk ms bayo bil

kite: adik, sory yek...ank2 kami buat bising n lari sana lari sini
staf SR: xpe...dh biasa

hu hu hu DH BIASA...

korg kene tgk aksi budak2 ni bile bertemu
penat Zel dgn kite dok terjerit marahkan ank2

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


1. How old were you when your first child was born?
~ i was 24.7 y.o

2. What month and year was your youngest child born?
~ the youngest, Ikram born on 1oth March 2005

3. How did you feel when you first found out you were pregnant?
~my husband was the one who told me i was pregnant bcoz he had the morning sickness...n we had the urine test...positive ... of course happy bcoz my baby will be sharing the same chinese lunar year....the goat
and i want to see whether she will have the same characters like mine or the other way round

4. Who did you tell first?
~my SIL ntah i don't know why i informed her...but i did called her n told bout the baby

5. How many pounds/kg did you gain during your first pregnancy?
~cannot remember..later i'll checked my BUKU MERAH...musti de rekod was 74.5 kg on the 4th Sept 2003 so maknanye i gained weight for 24.5 kg..after gave birth n after confinement 55 kg is the number....

6. What did you crave while you were pregnant?
~all foods based from the ROTI PISANG, KASUI, SERI MUKA and so on in fact most of the foods i made them by myself e/though i never learn how to do it b4

7. Did you find out the gender of your first child? Why or why not?
~ha ha ha...i went for a scan session when i was 4 months pregnant n it showed a boy... but after a few wks i'v read from the tenet, it can be a girl...but i did grabbed a pink cloth for my baby out so many blue ... n here the gegirl

8. Did you have any complications during your pregnancy?
~no morning sickness, EXCEPT i had sleepless nights (hu hu hu sgt sedih sbb the next day nk g kuliah takut ngantuk), i don't like fans i'm shivering even in daylight,
i was hospitalized for 2 nights @ Hospital Kajang when i was nearly 7 months of pregnancy (I had contraction but when i went to a bidan she said baby terselit)

9. How much did your first child weigh?
~3.o8 kg

10. Was your first child early, late, or on time?
~it was due date was 30th August 2003 but she was born on the 7th September 2003

11. What is the most difficult challenge or health issue that any of your children have faced?
~alhamdulillah, health issue belum ada... the difficult challenge that i must face every day now is she always wake up late.... even the schooling days hu hu hu sungguh mencabar tahap kesabaran ku

12. What's your favorite part of being a mom?
~jadi TARZAN..he he he no lah... having a daughter ... she is like my best friend, she will comment my cooking, my dressing n my WEIGHT... having a son, he is my bodyguard n always try his best to accompany me whenever i'm alone

13. Do you think it's easier to be a mom or a dad?
~DAD of course...bcoz all the way my marriage life, i'm always with the children, dolu dok sebumbung (sbb tgh blajo lg kan) tp dia selalu outstation, now i'm posted to Kuala Pilah dia pulak kene transfer ke Tg Malim

14. What is the best piece of advice you could give to someone who is about to have their first child?
~makan makanan yg berzat, jauhi minuman bergas,
jaga EMOSI, sembahyang n berdoa jgn lupa, bile mandi isap sikit air kt ujung rambut (katanye senang nk bersalin) ikut nasihat doktor n org2 tua (yg mana u rasa baik le), jauhi rokok (even ur spouse perokok tegar), BERPANTANG SGT PENTING (nnt GEBU mcm kite - baru tau)

15. Did you always think you'd have kids?
~selalu berangan nk ank dr dolu hingga kini

16. What's been the biggest surprise about motherhood?
~SACRIFICING...a lot of things need to be scrificed, time, money, sleeplees nights when baby is not feeling well

17. Are there things you miss about life before kids?
~zaman hu ha hu if i want to go anywhere i'll bring up the children, i know some people didn't like me to bring my children i better don't go to this kind of places

18. How many children do you have?
~2 my own n i hv another 2 stepsons

19. Do you plan to have any more children?
~it depends....

20. Who's the mom that you admire most?
~my ibu...she managed to handle 5 of us n she is wonderful bcoz i myself could read newspapers at the age of 4 y.o, n everytime i had so much h/works during primary school days she will accompanied me always...without fail, i never heard she grumbled about anything...her cooking the best in the world....oooooo i miss her

And I would like to tag my frens.. a mommy :
ayu hussien (my cousin's wife)
zelia hezlin (tu pun klu ko blm kene tag yg ni)
mimie hamdan (akk yg sgt busy dgn biz cupcakes nye..hrp sudi jawab tag ye)
mama azlina (dia rajin gak berblogging sejak akhir2 ni)
cthajar.79 INTANKU TERPILIH (my best friend when i was in secondary school)
bai @ arbaieyah alias (my exschoolmate...1 sekolah sejak drjah 1 lagi)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The New Me

ni kite pd mlm ni sblm baju ni dibasuh
freh amik dr tailor
akk tailor siap pesan
"lin, ko jgn naik berat bdn plak, nih ukuran yg baru"
he he he
jgn la...dlm jgnla..mkn xhengat dunia

ari ni dh bebas berblogging
sesi kite menjaga exam tamat pg td
bebudak msh exam
ari khamis br abis
dh tu diorg cuti sampai result kua
n sambung buat PST (Program 1 Tahun)

utk nini aziz (icca's mummy)
don't worry i'll answer ur tag

ok le
nnt update lg
asyik jd silent readers jek
tu pun kt opis (sbb fb dh kene blocked)
till we meet again
sweet dream

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Harap maklum

ni nk bg tau
kalau kite lama xberblogging bermakana kite agak bz he he he
stat ari isnin - jumaat bdk2 kt kolej dh stat study wk
tp kite ttp nk buat kelas gak...
minggu depan bdk2 ni exam
takut arr...
sebab markah utk essay jek dh 50 (25 utk task fulfillment & 25 utk language & organization)
dh 2 minggu asyik drill bdk2 nih buat essay
nk termuntah diorg
cikgunye pun dh nk termuntah dok membaca essay mengarut diorg
mana xmengarut
diorg kene buat essay berdasarkan story adaptation
masalahnye diorg ni cite The Frog n Princess pun de yg xpernah tgk
camne nk beradaptasi?
dijangka klu story adaptation akan amik citer dr Arabian Nights ataupun Malay folktales
1 lg bentuk essay yg dijangka keluar ialah
Creative Essay
huhuhu dh bg 3 jenis soalan
daya imaginasi diorh xberapa berimaginasi
lepas tuh ayat rongak2...
camne nih?
pening kite menerangkan
pening sudah

semoga korg ank2 murid ku berjaya jua
tahulah w/pun BI tu mcm xpenting sbb xmasuk dlm CGPA korg
tp korg akan mati hidup dgn bahasa penjajah tu jugak


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ikram is 5 y.o today

hari ni n3 khas utk ank bujang kite
dh 5 tahun dh bdk ni ari ni

5 thn dolu ssh beno nk lahirkan bdk nih
dh le lewat lbh 11 ari
ptt due 27.2.2005
tp Allah yg tentukan dak Ikram ni kua pd 10.3.2005

nk jd kn cite
5 hari 4 mlm (wah mcm g bercuti gitu)
dr 6.3.2005 - 10.3.2005

lama beno
org lain masuk spital ari ni, ari ni sok dh kua spital
kite plak masuk, xkua2

mcm2 kejadian berlaku

kt spital gak
kite menjadi jurualih bahasa yg xterlatih
sbb doktor yg handle kite sgt baik ati
dia sorang warga negara India yg mmg xtau ckp melayu
nurse sume xmo layan dia ckp n ble dia nk tanya yg dia xfhm dlm BM
kite ni sbb baik ati n sbb dh bosan gile dok spital xbersalin lagi
tolong2 le doktor India tu
mentang2 le kite ni student U ms tuh
(kene percaya yek...kite ank 2 org br abis degree)
gatal sgt nk kawen ms blajo

dia akan g katil2 ke katil n tanya le patient (routine check sblh pg)
nnt, klu doktor xtau nk tanya macam mana
dia akn g ke katil kite n refer some words tu pe maksudnye dlm BM

what do u call urine in malay
kencing, doktor
oo ok i got it thanx

mcm tu le sampai abis routine check dia ari tu n seterusnye
sampai le ari terakhir sblm kite bersalin

sebenonye pd 7.3.2005
doktor ckp

mlm ni klu awk xbersalin lg sy akn masukkan induce
induce tu pebende doktor
tu mcm pil penggalak bersalin
o ok, habis klu xbersalin?
kite bg lg pd esok arinye

so 8.3.2005
kite n 1 lg patient sblh katil pun di'induce'
doktor pompuan ni sgt gentle ble dia induce kite
pergh sakit sket arr ble masuk bende tu,
kecik je mcm pil gitu
tp impak nye...sakit sket kt pinggang,
tp he he he masih kebal, n blm bersalin
yg best tuh, siap panggil nurse kt kaunter

nurse, org katil sebelah sy sakit la
ala, sakit sikit je, lmbt lg dia bersalin
tp nurse, dia dh klua darah la...
kite yg rajin ni amik je wheelchair, buat xtau n usung kwn tu ke kaunter nurse

oleh kerana kite xjuga bersalin
sok pg kite di'induce' sekali lg

kali ni di'induce' dgn doktor lelaki
ya ALLAh
ganas betul dia buat, xde perasaan betul
sakit n ganas cara dia buat
cuba org buat mcm tu kt isteri dia, pe agaknye perasaan dia

seperti semalam,
sakit sekejap n tgh hari dh ilang sakit

mlm tu
1 doktor pompuan buat routine check up

u ni dh 2 kali induce, tp xbersalin gak
he he he
sape yg degil ni? emak ke ank?
dua-dua keh keh keh
ok la, mlm ni kite tgk klu u xbersalin gak sok pg kite pecahkan ketuban la
(alamak, pecah ketuban?)

kite plg rasa xbes yg doktor ckp nk pecah kn ketuban
sbb, dlm 4 ari dok spital
sume kes caesar kerana air ketuban dh kua tp baby msih blm mau kelua so...xmo arrr

sok pg 10.3.2005
sorg nurse nih kejutkan kite kul 6 pg soh mandi sbb nk jumpa doktor

kt bilik doktor (doktor lelaki tau baik jek jawab)

ok since dh 2 kali induce tp xbersalin. kite akn pecahkan ketuban u plak la, kire paksa bersalin
ok, klu doktor pecahkan ketuban, brape lama br sy bersalin
ank no brape?
no 2
hmm, xlama, mgkn dlm 5-6 jam
habis, klu dh 6 jam tp xbersalin?
mcm tu kite caesar la
xcaesar xble ke?
baby bole lemas. awk nk ke baby meninggal?
(hu hu hu xmo)

bnyk no soalan kn?
tp itu yg kite sbg patient xpernah buat..terima jek ape doktor ckp tanpa sebarang bantahan...
kite kene tahu hak dan risiko kite sebagai pelanggan (mak oi..mcm org pandai jek)
zap...bunyi gunting pecahkan ketuban..seriyes kite mmg dgr bunyi gunting tu

kite pun dihantar ke wad bersalin

hu hu hu sgt2 berbeza dgn HOSPITAL TUANKU NAJIHAH, KUALA PILAH

kt sini diorg layan kite kite yg nk bersalin ni mcm kite kite ni xde malu lgsg
dh le katil sebelah menyebelah, bole plak nmpk org sebelah
tu kire ok, yg bole nmpk org depan..langsir ade, tp sengaja diorg xmo tutup
cian kami ni sume pd masa tu

adik kt katil sebelah asyik mengerang jek
kite, huh xde perasaan lgsg
perut pun xsakit, apatah lg pinggang
xmcm bersalin kn Syaza
kite asyik tenung jam jek

hai bile la nk bersalin

adik kt katil sebelah ni mengarang sakit alahai...
cian mendengar n tengokkan penyiksaan dia
siap dia sempat tegur

akk, xsakit ke?

mcm nk jawab yek..mmg xsakit, xde rasa langsung

masuk kul 12 tgh hari

huh dh lebih 5 jam aku dok baring kt katil ni? ble nk bersalin ni?
kite pun usap2 perut sikit

baby, bole kua la skang... nnt air ketuban dh kering nnt perut kene belah, xmo arr

tiba2 lalu 1 nurse

nurse, sy rasa dh bole stat teran lah ni
jap nnt sy tgk dh bukak jln kepala xenggage la..kt pukul 1 ni
dh tu?
xpe arr sy panggil doktor

korg kene fhm ni dh nk waktu lunch

nurse layan pun mcm nk xnk jek
dh le dia buat kite ni mcm kopek buah durian yg liat
ms jahit pun mcm jahit ape jek
sabo je lek

kul 12.25 selamat le lahir bdk Ikram ni
3.6 kg
perasaan..seriyes xde rasa mcm bersalin
yg terasa masa nurse KOPEK mcm KOPEK BUAH DURIAN, n masa JAHIT

hu hu hu kalau dikenang2 mcm serik jek nk bersalin lagi
xpe arr rehat dolu le...rehat dolu pun dh 5 tahun ni rehat
haruskah kite bersalin lagi?

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sepetang bersama family @ Carrefour Rahang

wah tajuk nye sepetang yek...
mmg pun sepetang sbb petang hubby br sampai dr Tg Malim

sementara tgu hubby sampai , kite tdo dlm kete

hubby masuk jek kete...dia perasan

muka ku yg bertepek2...

hubby: nape dgn makwe ayah ni hah kakak? La...kakak pun pakai make up gak

yg sebenonye sang bini sgt malas nk tepek make up... tp ari ni gatal sangt nk pakai make up

lepas tu kami g Carrefour (sebenonye niat nk g Laksa Shack)
sbb dlu ms g bln 2, Laksa Shack blm beroperasi...jd kunun2 nk g rasa le...

kami amik single set rege RM 14.90
1 type of Laksa
2 pcs of otak2
1 glass of syrup bandung + cincau

Ikram nk tunjuk kebolehannya mengenal huruf kepada ayah

dengan memebaca menu

hubby - Laksa Johor (seriyes - xde jauh habis rasa laksanye)
mine - Laksa Sarawak (hu hu hu xgabis pun sbb xsedap la...xmcm Laksa Sarawak yg isteri En Syafiq masak ari tu, xpe next time nk cuba Laksa Sarawak from SR @ Secret Recipe)

tgk halusnye isi otak2 tu...xmcm otak2 kempas yg dijual di JB...
* note - pd korg yg xpernah mkn otak2 Kempas yg dijual d JB dgn otak2 Kempas yg diorg jual di merata2 tempat sgt berbeza ketebalan n rasanye hokay)

lepas berjalan2 hubby try bende nih

Rm 1 - 3 minit

seriyes xbes...xreal mcm tgn org urut kite...

balik Kuala Pilah

hubby: kt umah de nasi x?
kite: ada, nape abg nk mkn ke?
hubby: ha ah
kite: xpe, nnt abg g mandi lin panaskan lauk, yg de kt umah ikan msk sambal, ikan bilis msk tempoyak...nnt lin gorengkan telo ok x?
hubby: xyah td abg beli lauk dlm tin tuh, nnt goreng telor jek

kite: ok la..nnt lin panaskn lauk tu n goreng telo yek. nape abg suke lauk tu bkn nye best
hubby: dlu best, skang dh lauk tu la dlu abg mkn ms arwah mak dlm pantang
kite: ooo... ni kira rindu kt arwah mak le...

hu hu hu si dia teringat kt arwah mak dia da....cian hubby syahdu gak dia sekali sekala
Al Fatihah buat arwah my MIL dh 7 thn beliau meninggal dunia

me myself,
klu teringat my MIL nye NESCAFE,
my SIL (manje) sgt pandai buat NESCAFE sebiji mcm arwah mak nye...

Update menu 7.3.2010

5.30 am 200 ml H2O
9.00 am 200 ml H2O + 1 tbsp psyllium husk
10.00 am 1 kpg karipap + 1 1/2 senduk N.GORENG + 200 ml Teh O
10.30 am 500 ml H2O
2.45 pm 500 ml HL Shake
3.30 pm 500 ml H2O + 2 suap nasi + ikan siakap sweet sour
4.30 pm 1/4 epal hijau
5.50 - 6.40 pm xcise
7.00 pm 1/4 epal hijau

* mlm mgkn 1 X HL Shake n @ least another 800 ml H2O kot

pre (warm up)
5 X 100 Air Walker
1 X 100 Tarso Swing
2 X 100 Double Press Leg

2 X (sy xtau brape jauh tp estimated about 10 minutes brisk walking) keliling kolej sok sy tgk brape ratus meter yek

Post (cool down)
1 X 100 Air Walker
1 X 100 Tarso Swing
1 X 100 Double Press Leg

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Suasana kolej ku...SYURGAKU

ini adalah gambo2 yg diambil pg semalam (5.3.2010) sekitar jam 8 pg...suasana di kolej di mana staf n pensyarah bz lalu dijalan ini utk ke tempat parkir, utk ke blok tutor mahupun ke blok pentadbiran utk 'punch card'

cuba perhatikan plak gambo ni...nmpk abg security tu?

tu tugas dia adalah utk memastikan KAMI 2 semua yg keje kt sini tidak meletak kenderaan kami di bahu2 jalan...

cuba lihat perbezaan kon (yg berwarna merah) pd gambo nih

kul 8.00 am

dgn yg nih

kul 9.00 am

gambo nih saje jek nk tunjuk dkt korg
KAMI ni degil...slalu sgt nk parking kt bahu jalan n menyebabkan kesesakan jln raya

jd kon2 tu diletak

waktu bz nk masuk keje
kon diletak dh 1/3 dr jln raya in 1 lane
lps waktu org bz
kon diletak di betul2 tepi bahu jln supaya org degil masih xble parking di bahu jln

sok2 in the future
takut plak kene buat 1 way hu hu
cnfm 1 bulatan