Monday, April 05, 2010

4 eve love

Forever Love

by Gary Barlow ( 3966 views)
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Love, it has so many beautiful faces

Sharing lives and sharing days

My love it had so many empty spaces

I'm sharing a memory now

I hope that's how it stays

Now I'm deep inside love and still breathing

She is holding my heart in her hand

I'm the closest I've been to believing

This could be love forever

All throughout my life

The reasons I've demanded

But how can I reason

With the reason I'm a man

Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh yeah


In a minute I'm needing to hold her

In an hour I'm cold, cold as stone

When she leaves it gets harder and harder

To face life alone

Now my dreams are filled

With times when we're together

Guess what I need from her

Is forever love

Ooh, Ooh, yeah

Oh, oh, oh, oh, mm-mm-mm

Oh, oh, yeah

Now I feel forever love

Ooh, ooh

Oh yeah

Well I feel...

camne nk masukkan yuotube nye dlm blog kite ni..bole tolong


  1. ehem2...ank madam yg pompuan tuh sehat?...
    sajak mane lak neh?xpena pn madam ajr sajak neh kt ktorg dlu... mse moh la mlwt hotel grand continental neh yerk..
    byk tasek kat sini siap ad jaws lg..haha

  2. ank dara sy sihat...skang drjh 1, lama lg klu awk nk kenen2....
    tu bkn sajak da....tu lagu dr Gary Barlow