Monday, June 14, 2010

Hutang TAG no 1

nk bayo utang TAG dak nurul

23 facts about me that maybe u want to know
(ayat mcm bagus...ko celebrity ke lin?)

fact no 1
i was born on the 5th Feb 1979

fact no 2
the eldest from 5 siblings (4 girls n 1 boy)

fact no 3
a mother of two children (1 girl n 1 boy)

fact no 4
had 3 times accident
year 1985
(cracked on my hip - a car hit me at JLN RAHMAT, JB)
year 1997
(my father n me had an accident on our way back from tuition class at JLN UTAMA, JB)
year 1999
(bruises on right leg n right arm - my motorcycle skidded @ MIDVALLEY)

fact no 5
ex student of University of Malaya B.Ed TESL (honest)

fact no 6
my working experiences
26 Feb 2007 - present KMNS, K Pilah (lecturer)
Jan - 24 Feb 2007 - Jardine Shipping, PJ (Shipping Clerk)
21 Aug - 31 Dec 2006 - Johnson Controls, Sg Way (Service Clerk)
June - Aug 2006 - Fa'ezah Enterprise, Kg Melayu Majidee (Shop Attendant)
Apr - Aug 2005 - Chosen Manufacturing, JB (Operator)
March 2001 - May 2001 - Swiss Garden International Hotel, KL (Hostess)
Nov 1999 - June 2000 - Pizza Hut MidValley, KL (Crew)
June - Nov 1999 - Pizza Hut PJ Old Town, PJ (Training Crew)
Okt 1997 - Apr 1998 - McDonald's Daya Bumi (Crew)
Apr - June 1998 - Multi Code Electronics, JB (Operator)
Apr - June 1997 - (xingat nama pasaraya ni) tp kt Plaza Pelangi, JB (Cashier)
Dec 1996 - May 1997 - McDonald's Plaza Pelangi, JB (Crew)
(i work as a part timer most of the times)

fact no 7
I bought my vehicles: car - June 2007 & motorcycle Jan 2009

fact no 8
I got my driving licence : B2 - May 1997 & D - May 1999

fact no 9
i bought my house 2009

fact no 10
i like money very much, but still i don't know how to get really extra money

fact no 11
had been a tuition teacher 2000 at Shah Alam & 2002 at Kepong

fact no 12
my 1st mobile phone bought in year 2000 Ericsson (yg siap ada antenna tu..beso giler)

fact no 13
my 1st mobile number is 019 3412262

fact no 14
i've changed my number at least 6 times since 2000

fact no 15
I went for hiking at Gunung Brinchang, Cameron Highlands Jan 2000
(with my B.Ed TESL friends)

fact no 16
my 1st teacher's name is Pn Fatimah (my kindergarten class)

fact no 17
i could read newspaper when i turn 4 years old...thanx to my ibu

fact no 18
i envied my ibu's cooking...the best in the world
(my daughter always compared my cooking with my ibu's cooking especially LAUK SINGGANG)

fact n0 19
i fell in love with A
i engaged with B
i married with C

fact no 20
i love to read very much but now it is difficult to spend my time for reading

fact no 21
i love speaking...very much

fact no 22
my nicknames, Lin, Adzlina, ASTRO

fact no 23
i like being labeled as INFORMATION COUNTER


  1. baca no 19 membuatkan nurul ternganga sekejap....yg A tu tak heran sgt...ramai yg pertukaran dari B ke C....apa citer??heehe

  2. lupa nak kasik taw....

    (kak...jgn serik ya kak....)

  3. nurul: akk pm jek la kt fb nnt...akk xserik...akk jwb w/pun lmbt.